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About Baleigh Shortreed

Born in Point Pleasant, New Jersey, Baleigh Shortreed is a writer, self-published author, course and content creator. 

Baleigh's educational background includes a Bachelor of Arts degree from the College of Arts and Sciences at USC Columbia. With a major in Experimental Psychology and a minor in English, she has developed a solid foundation for her writing career. Baleigh has explored various writing styles and conventions, such as creative writing, business writing, and digital writing. She has also delved into niche literature, including American literature, epic to romance, British Romantic literature, women writers, and children's literature. Additionally, her studies in psychology have provided insights into character development and relationships, which she incorporates into her storytelling.

Baleigh's journey in content creation began in 2019 when she published her first book, "The Broken: A Collection of Poetry," and launched her YouTube channel, dedicating the space to refining her skills, continuously educating herself about the writing process, and sharing her experiences and personal philosophies about the meaning of a "happy and fulfilled life".


Since graduating from the University of South Carolina in 2021, she has worked at her family's local shop in Charleston, South Carolina while also further pursuing entrepreneurial pursuits that combine her three passion topics: writing, personal development, and business psychology. Baleigh's goal is to carve out a space in the world where individuals can learn more about themselves, enhance their business skills, and become better writers.


As a self-published author and digital content creator, Baleigh specializes in contemporary romance, small business nonfiction, poetry, and dark fantasy. Her diverse background and interests shape her content and allow her to cater to a wide range of readers and viewers. On her website, you can find a wealth of resources, books, and content related to her various endeavors.


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It is my goal that by the end of 2024, I will have what is literally defined as a "full library", which if you did not know is only 1,000 books. If you would like to support my endeavor (as books are expensive), please feel free (but not obliged) to check out my book wish list below.

P.S. I love fiction in hardcovers, and nonfiction in paperbacks.


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Thank you for your understanding & support. - Baleigh Shortreed.



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