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How I Got My First 100 Subscribers on YouTube

How I Got My First 100 Subscribers on YouTube

For the past year I have dedicated my time to working on my YouTube channel, which has lead it to experience many changes and lots of personal growth within me and my personality. I finally received my first 100 subscribers in July of 2020. The following is a list of the changes that occurred over the year that helped me gain my first 100 subscribers.

  • changing thumbnails

  • more scripting

  • niching down-live streams

  • be more engaging in comments

  • changed my branding

  • Started collaborating

  • increased my content amount per week

  • prepping videos and scheduling

  • making mostly my face in the frame

  • Make more informational videos/reviews

  • used an iPhone, tablet and microphone

  • social media marketing

  • telling people to subscribe multiple times

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