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Good morning my lovely little readers, I have a new outlook on life and feel a need to express it.

Allow me to start with yesterday, Sunday, March 19, 2023. After celebrating my nephews 9th birthday, and coming home to do some chores, I spent some time fixing my nails while I watched the classic movie Julie and Julia. For those who haven't seen it, Julie and Julia is a dual point of view story of a young, aspiring blogger, Julie Powell, who loves to cook and her idol, the infamous Julia Child (author of many classic cookbooks that changed the way we think of cooking in America).

The biggest thing that made me pause, and ultimately the reason I am writing this blog today, is entirely due to one particular scene in the movie, where the catalyst affects the rest of the plot (at least for Julie's character). Julie, frustrated that her life is not nearly as glamorous as her "cobb salad lunch friend's" lives, complains that one of them does a blog that is purely for vanity aspects, where as comparatively, Julie claims that she "has thoughts" and could write a blog just as easily, though she has no clue what to write about. Having a brain dumping session with her husband, she determines that she will write a blog about her desires of cooking and love of Julia Child, as she cooks her way through her infamous cookbook, Mastering the Art of French Cooking.

Now it wasn't so much that our main character, Julie, started a blog, so much as what gave me pause was the scene of her writing her first blog. It was in this scene that I was inspired to reanalyze what I love so dearly about great movies: they make you rethink your life and ultimately be moved to make great aspirational changes. For me, watching another creative begin her craft and be filled with the passion that her life is ultimately consumed by it as she eats, sleeps, and non-stop lives her craft, I feel a kindred spirit in the character of Julie.

All this to say that due to rewatching this classic movie that I love so very much, not just for its stacked cast, but for its overall messaging, I have decided to try and place a more active role in creating a regiment for myself and forcing more authenticity in my creative works. While I may not get to blogging with updates everyday, and just like Julie, nobody may even read this (with the exception of friends and family), but I am of the philosophy that if I practice what I preach, then perhaps that I too can make my ambitions come to life and that others may see it.

Regardless, here are a few things you may notice from me from here on out:

  1. I may be on social media less, so if you would like to get a hold of me, my website, email or phone number is gonna be the best.

  2. blogging about my life and my writing updates to keep myself accountable as well as to provide more authenticity for my work with my (few but lovely) readers.

  3. Focusing on project completions over mini projects that distract me from my more lofty goals.

As always, have patience, learn to grow, and never stop writing.

Love & kindness, Baleigh Shortreed.

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