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A Life Update: March 19th-March 26th of 2023

Good morning, afternoon, or evening (whenever you're reading this), to you all, my dear readers.

Like I stated in my last blog post, I am starting to veer away from social media, and am leaning more into formulating my content on my own site (here), and posting more updates through my blog and email list. So, if you found this post because I promoted it on socials, I would just enter your email to stay updated on all the things going on here, because I will likely end up deleting my socials, or solely stick to just a few very very soon.

Either way, I am writing here today to give you all another little writing and life update seeing as this here is where I would like to be doing that. Firstly, to get in more daily/weekly writing practice, and secondly, because this just feels way more personal.

March 19, 2023: The Day I Decided To Blog Again!

Today, after celebrating my nephews 9th birthday, and coming home to do some chores, I spent some time fixing my nails while I watched the classic movie Julie and Julia. Due to rewatching this classic movie that I love so very much, not just for its stacked cast, but for its overall messaging, I have decided to try and place a more active role in creating a regiment for myself and forcing more authenticity in my creative works. While I may not get to blogging with updates everyday, and just like Julie, nobody may even read this (with the exception of friends and family), but I am of the philosophy that if I practice what I preach, then perhaps that I too can make my ambitions come to life and that others may see it.

If nothing else, then this post is proof of my new commitment to these goals.

March 20, 2023: Monday is A Happy Day + Boy Am I A Lucky One.

Today I had the pleasure of babysittign my nephew for a bit, which was a nice but stressful moment with him, while my mother and I made our monday recap of our weekends together. After dealing with a few semi difficult clients, I also began building a larger backlog of blogs, including a few recaps and updates for you all. This is mainly in prep of a semi secret project that I am working on. While I cannot tell you all everything, as I feel it may ruin the intended effect of the project, I can say that all of these blogs and life updates are in pursuit of keeping a log for a 2023-2024 full year statistic record of my habits in order to provide in depth detail for it [and yes, it is a new book manuscript :) ].

Also today, I came up with some new ideas for my A Game of Mercy manuscrit, in which I was greatly inspired by the Netflix tv show The Watcher. Mostly, I have made note that I would like to change the MC of that novel into a P.I. (private investigator), who is also a recovering alcoholic, and consistently creates caricatures of herself in order to fool others. With this realization, I have come to note the following professional writer's tip.


We create characters as caricature personas bc if they were real, they would have a mask or facade that they show people because they lie to themselves. Think of the great gatsby. He is the biggest literally mask of all time, and we love him for it because he does it for love and in want of riches/making a name for himself.

These new come ideas have deeply renewed my fascination with storytelling that truly fascinates me and drives me to create, create, create. I always strive for the different, unconventional, the shocker. I find it fun, like a puzzle or mystery to solve.

March 22, 2023: Finally Back Into Writing A.T.C.O.F. (All The Colors Of Forever).

Today I am working on chapter three, slowly but surely. I am currently debating whether or not it should be in 1st or third person, which I honestly cannot decide at the moment for myself. I also got feedback from my sister yesterday about my draft of Henry the Penguin Learns to Read, a new children's book manuscript I just finished which she loved and understood its intended purpose of teaching children to swim step by step. Now it is just time to edit and find an illustrator for that project.

MARCH 23, 2023: A New Bookshelf???

Today, and from her on, I have been and will be making more and more updates to this website. My most recent update that I made today was getting a new bookshelf. What I mean by that is that I have digitized my entire bookshelf to be accessible to you all at any time. You may be asking yourself why did I do this, but I do have a few simple answers for that question.

  1. To be more translucent of those books that I have and will read.

  2. To provide a new way for readers of my books and projects to see where I get my inspiration.

  3. To provide new ways of followers and readers to support my ambitions with affiliate links and special deals with sponsors/affiliates.

Overall, my bookshelf is interactive, and will experience changes as I grow. Read with me and support me there by the links, or by adding books to my library with my Amazon wish list. Or even better, what costs no money, is to leave a comment or send me an email. I love message and insights from others, especially readers and authors, and I want to connect with you all.

March 24, 2023: Getting Close To The End of Chapter Three.

I look forward to a day off so that I can get back on track to the way my life is supposed to be: nails done, meals prepped, and actively working towards my goals and ambitions. We are slowly getting into a routine here, but we will see how well I can maintain it. I've been working on Chapter 3 quite a bit, but I should done with it before the end of the month in just a few days.

At least I hope so.

March 26, 2023: I Finally Finished Chapter 3!!!

I am excited to announce that I have finally completed chapter three of A.T.C.O.F. today! What a great way to end or begin the week (however you view it). Here are a few of my favorite lines from chapter three.

"The sun sank into the front of the house, looking as if someone had thrown a pebble into a dark, multicolored lake as it slowly sank to the floor bed."

"Opening the door, and flicking up the light switch, Margo kicked off her shoes, flexing her aching feet that now felt partly numb and pinched with twisted nerves as she slowly made her way into the center of the room, and scooting the wooden stool with a loud squeak on the concrete floor. "

"Margo contemplated for a moment before a few stray tears began to roll down her cheeks: “What if I forget him?”"

"She had watched it roll and roll, until she finally captured it, and when she turned around, she had managed to kick a large bucket of red paint that Lucas had been working with trying out a new technique on background coloring contrasted for foreground work. She had apologized profusely with kisses, and that night, they had made a mess of the garage floor and canvases, needing to shower the paint off from their naked bodies nearly an hour later. The red pool that oozed and slid about, looked so similar to that pile of petals now that the thought made her heart warm just a little."

Overall, it is my goal to be as transparent as possible with you all as readers and supporters, including bringing you into the writing process as I am working on it but keeping a balance of bigger projects to leave some surprises.

Happy Sunday, and have a great & productive week.

Write On!!!

Baleigh Shortreed

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